MQ Triton Huntaway by Mitsubishi NZ

Toyota’s HiLux Tonka Concept has spawned some competition from across the Tasman and while it might not be as overtly ‘concept’ in nature as the HiLux Tonka, its still making a big splash among off-road fans.

It’s called the Triton Huntaway and it’s been cobbled together by Mitsubishi Motors NZ and while we have our doubts about some of the mods, we like the look they’ve achieved!

The Huntaway is based on the top-spec (in New Zealand) Triton VRX that has been fitted with a swag of aftermarket gear, modifications and customisations.

The mods include a 2.5″ body lift (not difficult to do on a Triton), 2″ rear lift blocks and 1″ spacers between the front struts and the strut towers.

As a compariosn, the HiLux Tonka Concept used a trick set of Portal Axles built by Mark’s Adaptors. Hellishly expensive, but the ultimate way to lift a 4X4 safely and actually achieve really useful additional clearance under the rear diff.

Adding to the Huntaway’s look but not the legals – at least in Australia – is a set of 20×9″ +1 offset DTM Fuel Ripper alloy wheels that have been pumped out using 27mm wheel spacers.

Tyres are 35″ Atturo Trail Blade muddies, but we note there is no mention of a diff ratio change to suit, so while it looks the goods, the Huntaway is gonna be slower than a stock Triton on-road, chew a bucket load more fuel and lose much of the Triton’s already average low range gearing ability off-road.

So it looks killer, or perhaps even ‘mint’ but don’t go thinking you should modify your own 4X4 to match, this is a show car and much of what has been done is either illegal in Australia, or just the wrong way to go about things.

Just sayin’…

Where this build gets really cool is in the braking department, with a set of rear disc brakes from the Pajero Sport being retrofitted in place of the rear drums and a set of Evolution 8 Brembo front rotors fitted to the larger Pajero Sport front discs. Not quite a full Brembo system, but a giant leap up from the standard Triton gear.

Externally the Huntaway features a TJM protection bar, very cool custom wide fenders, roof and front-mounted Narva light bars and a Rhino Rack Pioneer roof tray and personalised decal. There’s also a snorkel, side steps a rear jack bar and some fairly serious underbody protection.

The interior has also received a do-over with leather sport trim and Huntaway stitching.

The Huntaway is summed up well by Daniel Cook, general manager of vehicle sales and marketing. “If our regular Triton is tough, this is the Terminator.”

Triton Huntaway modifications

Wheels – DTM Fuel Ripper 20×9 6-139 +1
Tyres – Atturo Trail Blade M/T 35X12.50r20lt
27mm wheel spacers on all hubs
Evolution 8 Brembo front brakes
Rear disk brakes from Pajero Sport
Front rotors from Pajero Sport
Extended rear brake hoses
Suspension & lift – Over 100mm of Combined Lift (Body + Suspension)
Extended Rear Shock Absorbers
Front – 1″ Spacers Between Strut & Chassis
2″ rear lift blocks
2.5″ body lift (spacers)
Shortened droop stops
Retro Vehicle Enhancements leather sport interior with Huntaway stitching
Narva light bar switches
Custom Huntaway speedometer
Custom front & rear wide body fenders
Custom Huntaway bashplate
Body colour exterior handles, mirrors & side steps
MMC Snorkel
TJM front protection bar
MCC jack rear bar with 3 x Shackles
Narva light bars x2
Fully equipped trade top and rails
Pioneer roof tray with Rhino Racks and Huntaway decal

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