Bushranger Night Hawk LED VLI Series Single Row Light Bars

Bushranger’s Night Hawk Single Row LED Light Bars have been developed from the ground up by its team of engineers to offer a compact and low-profile design which takes performance, looks and usability to a whole new level.

The clean, modern aesthetic incorporates quality materials and construction and provides a unique and versatile mounting system that makes installation a breeze. The Advanced Temperature Control System takes advantage of the aircraft-grade aluminium heatsink to run the LEDs at their maximum potential by monitoring and adjusting the output according to the environment.

These lights are so bright, the Bushranger engineers have incorporated a brightness control function that utilises a unique relay-free VLI series wiring system, that offers simpler wiring, easier installation, more user control and greater reliability over traditional systems.


Each light is supplied with a full set of protective spot beam covers plus a full set of protective flood beam covers, that allow quick and easy customisation of the beam pattern to suit any requirement. With the spot protective covers fitted, the light projects a clean, focused spot beam pattern that’s great for highway driving. Clip-on the flood protective covers and the light pattern changes to a wide flood beam that’s perfect for short to medium distance vision. Run any combination of each cover to tailor the perfect combo beam pattern for your driving environment.

Bushranger Night Hawk lights are backed by a five-year warranty and Bushranger’s 40+ year history of supplying quality engineered 4×4 products to the Australian market.


DURABLE EXTERIOR UV: stable polyester powder coat, polycarbonate lens and covers ensure long term durability to handle even the toughest Australian conditions.

BUILT TOUGH: Extruded, 6061 aircraft-grade aluminium housing and cast alloy mounting feet offers long term strength and durability.

HIGH OUTPUT OSRAM LEDs: Genuine, high output OSRAM LEDs for unmatched performance.

MODERN ELECTRONICS DESIGN: Built-in Transistor switching simplifies wiring installation by removing the need for traditional 12V relays. PWM dimming capability for brightness control at the turn of a dial. (Wiring system sold separately)

ACTIVE TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEM: Intelligent onboard monitoring of the LED temperatures, combined with the superior cooling design allows for maximum output in all conditions.

VERSATILE INSTALLATION: A ightweight and low-profile design with highly adjustable sliding mounting feet that provide multiple fitment options.

CHANGEABLE BEAM PATTERN: Full set of clip-on/clip-off spot beam and flood beam protective covers allows complete customisation of beam pattern. Note: NHT055VLI comes with flood and diffused cover, remove covers for a spot beam.

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