New Cooper Discover AT3 Comes In Three Flavours

Exclusive Tyre Distributors has revealed the new Cooper Discoverer AT3™ all-terrain, which will be available in three new specifications.

In a smart move, each specification has its benefits and has been developed, for different vehicle types and uses.

The AT34S is best suited to on-road use, and there are two off-road versions of the AT3, the AT3LT and bigger AT3XLT.

So what’s new in the Cooper Discoverer AT3?

Tread Design

Stone Ledges – the ledge itself is designed to eject stones from the tread voids, minimising the chance of stone drilling.

Scalloped Shoulder – more pronounced and usually reserved for more aggressive tyres, they provide extra traction in soft surfaces with a fresh bite every second lug’.

Aqua Vac channels – uniquely shaped, deep centre grooves, enhance water drainage through the tread design for better water evacuation and resistance to aquaplaning.

Whisper Groove Shields – A sound barrier keeps noise inside the tyre, reducing road noise – Cooper Tires is claiming the new AT3 is 20 percent quieter than the previous AT/3.

Rugged Shoulders – the LT & XLT deliver functional traction in ruts and other soft terrain while providing extra traction in the upper sidewall and shoulders.

Carcass Construction

High Tensile Body Ply’s – provide strength and durability.

Super Tensile Steel Belts in the LT & XLT, – underpins the full tread area from tread edge to tread edge providing a higher level of impact resistance, durability and strength.

Advanced Nylon overlays in the 4S – variable layer of nylon, where you need it providing a smooth, balanced uniformity. The LT and XLT have full overlays, some of the bigger sizes having two for additional impact protection.


The AT34S has been developed with bitumen in mind and built to spend most of its time on-road. The compound has been developed with high levels of silica content, which means they should be good in the wet.

The AT3LT and XLT also use a high content coupled silica with cut and chip resistant qualities.

Cooper Tires is claiming that the AT3LT and XLT will provide the following benefits to 4X4 owners:

Worn tyre noise reduced by over 20 percent

Cut and Chip performance improved by 10 percent

Tread life improved by over 10 percent

We’ve got a set being fitted to a GU Patrol that will be heading to the Flinders Ranges (great sharp rock country) and from there up to sheep station country east of Ivanhoe in NSW. And that’ll just be the start of our long-term review.

Want to know more? Head over to the Cooper Tires Australian website – or check them out on Facebook –

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