ARB Old Man Emu Upgraded Front Axle Capacities

We all love bolting gear onto our 4X4, in fact, you could argue that accessorising your 4X4 is the modern-day equivalent of hot-rodding the family DeSoto back in the 50s, but have you ever stopped to think about the legalities of overloading your 4X4’s front end?

Bolting a bullbar, winch, UHF aerial, some spotties, Kenworth mudflaps, three lightbars, some security door mesh and a foxtail to the front of your rig could very well make it a bit of a front-end porker. Add a front seat passenger, the dog and those thirty-seven XXXX cans (yuck) floating around in the footwell into the mix, and suddenly your 79’s front axle capacity is shot to bits.

Fortunately, ARB has spent a motsa on an independent testing process that now allows them to offer an increase in front axle capacities for a number of popular, current model 4WDs.

To reap the benefit of ARB’s efforts, all you need to do is fit one of their full Old Man Emu or BP-51 suspension kits to your rig. Doing so will legally increase the front axle load capacity of your 4X4 by up to 170 kilograms, and each kit comes with an owner’s manual, customer handover pack and official certification that is attached to your rig’s door pillar.

The following is a list of the vehicle’s that ARB currently offers front axle load upgrades for when fitting a full ARB suspension kit. Secretly I bet we’re all a little pleased to see that they’ve tackled those borderline Toyota’s first up…

If you want to know more, tap this link.

Vehicle OE capacity Upgraded capacity Increase
Toyota HiLux 2.4L/2.8L
GUN 125/126
1,450kg 1,595kg +145kg
Ford Ranger
1,480kg 1,630kg +150kg
Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series (Oct ’15 on)
1,700kg 1,870kg +170kg
Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series
1,480kg 1540kg +60kg
Toyota LandCruiser 79 Series Single
(5 Star Ancap) VDJ79R
1,520kg 1540kg +20kg
Toyota LandCruiser 79 Series Single
(pre 2017) VDJ79R
1,500kg 1540kg +40kg
Toyota LandCruiser 79 Series Dual cab VDJ79R 1,480kg 1540kg +60kg

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